Valentine Hearts

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Use this Valentine Hearts easy crochet applique  pattern to create handmade gifts and holiday decorations!

The approximate size of the heart is 2 1/2 in (6.5 cm) wide and 2 1/4 in (6 cm) tall if use recommended crochet hook and yarn.

You can vary the size of the heart a bit if you use smaller or bigger size hook or different weight yarn.

Recommended weight yarn: Medium to worsted weight (weight category #3 and #4)

Recommended crochet hook size:H8 (5 mm) or I 9 (5.5 mm).

Abbreviations and stitches used for  crochet heart applique pattern:

CH - chain, SC - single crochet, DC - double crochet, slip stitch.

Step 1: CH 3

Step 2: Make 2 DC in the first  stitch  of CH3 made  in  the  Step 1.

Step 3: Turn, CH 3

Step 4: Make a DC in the same stitch( you will have CH 3 and DC in the same stitch)

Step 5: Make a DC in the next stitch

Step 6: make 2 DC in the next (the last in this row) stitch. You should have 5 stitches in this row (CH 3 made in the beginning counts as 1 DC stitch)

Step 7: Turn, make 3 DC in the next from the hook stitch

Step 8: slip stitch in the next stitch (in the center of the row)

Step 9: Make 3DC in the next stitch

Step 10: Make a slip stitch in the next stitch (the last stitch of this row).

Now continue with the same (red) yarn or attach the different color yarn (white) if you want to make crochet heart in two colors: make a row of SC stitches around the crochet heart.

CH 1, Sc in each stitch around the heart till the pointed tip.

In the pointed tip of the heart make 2 SC stitches in one stitch.

Make 2 SC stitches in one stitch twice around the right curve.

In the center make a slip stitch instead of a SC stitch

Make 2 SC stitches in one stitch twice around the left curve of the crochet heart

Finish the row with a slip stitch and fast off. The crochet heart is ready!

You can use crochet Valentine Hearts as an applique for holiday-themed hat, gift bag, as  charms or window decorations - you name it!

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