Crochet Thin Bracelets
(crochet tread pattern)

All those cute crochet thin bracelets you can make yourself! Crochet Bangle bracelets are always stylish and fashionable. Try different styles in your favorite colors - all you need is crochet tread, crochet hook and a plastic bottle!

crochet bracelets

You will need:

Crochet tread #10 in your favorite colors

Crochet hook size 1.5mm to 2.0 mm

Plastic 10 oz beverage bottle

Yarn needle

The stitches and abbreviations used in this crochet tread pattern: CH - chain, SC - single crochet stitch, DC - double crochet stitch, slip stitch.

The base of the crochet thin bracelet is a stripe of plastic beverage bottle - it gives shape and firmness to the bangle bracelet.

Take the beverage bottle (it is exactly 8 in or 20.5 cm in diameter which is the average bracelet size). Remove the label.

Cut out a stripe of plastic approximately 1/4 in (0.6 cm) or thinner. Now you need to crochet a cover for this stripe.

How to crochet a bangle bracelet in a solid color:

CH 3, join in a ring with a slip stitch. SC 6 in the ring.

For the solid color crochet thin bracelet do not make CH 1 in the beginning of each row and do not finish every row with a slip stitch - work in spirals instead and make a slip stitch only at the end of the last row.

SC in each SC around the row row by row until the "tube" reaches approximately 7 1/2 - 8 inches (19-20 cm). Insert a plastic stripe in the tube to check the width and the length.

When the desired length is reached, make a slip stitch and cut off the yarn leaving approximately 8 in 20.1 cm) to sew the ends of the bracelet.

Overlap the ends of the plastic stripe (1/4 in approximately) and sew the ends of the crochet tube. Crochet bangle bracelet is ready!

How to crochet a small 5-petals flowers for the bracelet:

CH 3, join in a ring with a slip stitch. Step 1: CH 3.

Step 2: Cluster of DC 3 in a ring (draw the tread through 2 loops only once leaving the last loop on the hook: you will have 4 loops on a hook).

Step 3: Tread over the hook and draw the tread through all 4 loops at once.

Step 4: Slip stitch in the ring.

Repeat Steps 1-4 for 4 more petals and the small crochet 5-petals flower is ready!

Make 3 flowers for the green bracelet and sew them on (you can also make 5 or more flowers or just one flower - be creative! )

crochet bangle

How to make a striped bangle bracelet:

CH 3, join in a ring with a slip stitch

CH 1, SC 6 in the ring, slip stitch

CH 1, SC in each SC, (6 stitches), slip stitch at the end. Change color every 2 rows (every 3 rows if you want the stripes wider).

Do not forget to leave a 7-8 in (18-20.5 cm) of the tread to sew the ends together.

How to make flower charms:

Repeat Steps 1-4 for the 5-petals flower (described above). CH 5 and attach the flower to the edge on the crochet bracelet. Make 3 or more charms in one or many colors.

How to make a scalloped edge crochet bangle bracelet:

Make a plain solid color crochet bangle bracelet.

Attach the tread to the edge of the bracelet.

Step 1: 4DC in one stitch (the second stitch from the hook).

Step 2: Slip stitch in the second stitch (row) from the stitch where you've made 4DC.

Repeat Steps 1-2 to make scallops around the edge of the bracelet.

Attach the tread to the other edge of the crochet bracelet and repeat Steps 1-2 for the scallops around the other edge.

crochet bracelets

Crochet thin bracelets are ready!

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