Ruffled Baby Blanket for Beginners.

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Make the Ruffled Baby Blanket for Beginners in any color, solid or striped - it is easy. This free crochet pattern is detailed and accompanied with a lot of pictures of each step of the process to help you through. You will do it right even if you are a beginner. This crochet baby blanket pattern allows you to practice double crochet stitch.

Recommended crochet hook size: I 9 (5.5 mm) to J 10 (6.00 mm)

Abbreviations and stitches used:

CH - chain, SC - single crochet stitch, DC - double crochet stitch, slip stitch.

Gauge: 12 DC in 4 in (10 cm), 7 rows in 4 in (10 cm) (the gauge is approximate and not very important for the blankets).

The Ruffled Baby Blanket for Beginners is approximately 24 in by 24 in (61 cm by 61 cm) without the ruffle and 29 in by 29 in (74 cm by 74 cm) with the ruffle included.

Yarn recommendation for the crochet baby blanket pattern: Red Heart Baby Econo: 1 skein of Baby Blue (6 oz/170 g, 460 yds/421 m), 1 skein of White (6 oz/170 g, 460 yds/421 m), you will have leftovers.

You can use any other brand of Medium weight yarn (weight category #4), the softer the better.


Step 1: Make a chain approximately 21 in long ( approx. 66 chain stitches). DC in the 3rd stitch from the hook, make DC in each stitch of the chain.

Step 2: Next row: Turn, CH 2

Step 3: make a DC in each stitch along the row.

Attach the white yarn and repeat Steps 2 and 3

Every stripe is 2 rows (change the yarn color every 2 rows) if you make the stripes. If you prefer the solid color and not the stripes - just make row after row (Steps 2 and 3) in one color.

It is highly recommended for the beginners to count stitches in the first few rows. The number of stitches should be the same for each row and the ruffled baby blanket for beginners "body" should be perfectly square.

Make rows (Steps 2 and 3) until the blanket is square. Do not cut off the yarn - start the ruffle with the same yarn.


The Ruffled Baby Blanket for Beginners has 2 layers of ruffles: the blue ruffle and the white ruffle.

The Blue Ruffle.

The blue ruffle: the base row for the both blue and white ruffles): after you finished the last row of the blanket "body": CH 1 and make SC stitches in every stitch around the 4 sides of the blanket (remember that a DC stitch is equal to 2 SC stitches in height when you are working with sides). In the corners: Make 3 SC stitches in each corner stitch.

Finish with the slip stitch.

The blue ruffle: Row #2: CH 2 and make 2 DC in each stitch around the blanket. IMPORTANT: Make those stitches only in one (closest to you) loop of the SC stitch of the base row (the front loop only, the second loop will be used for the white ruffle).

Finish Row #2 with a slip stitch to join the beginning of the row with the end.

The blue ruffle Row #3: CH 2, [DC, 2DC] repeat [ ] all around the row (all around the ruffle). Finish the row with a slip stitch to join the end with the beginning of the row. The blue ruffle is done, cut off the yarn and weave in the end.

Note: [DC, 2 DC] meant: Make a DC in the closest to the hook stitch (stitch #1) , in the next following stitch (stitch #2) make 2DC, in the stitch #4 make a DC, in the stitch #5 make 2 DC and so on.

The White Ruffle.

White ruffle Row #1: Attach the white yarn to the base row, CH 2 and DC in each stitch of the base row back loop only (remember that we used the front loop of the base row for the blue ruffle? Now we work using the back loop of the base row). That's how we've made 2 ruffles from 1 row. :)

Note: In each of 4 corner stitches make 3 DC in one corner stitch.

White ruffle: Row #2 and Row #3 are similar to the same rows for the blue ruffle.

Row #2: CH 2 and make 2DC in each stitch around the row, slip stitch at the end.

Row #3: CH 2, [DC, 2 DC] repeat [ ] around the row, finish with a slip stitch. Cut off the white yarn, weave in the end.

The Ruffled Baby Blanket for Beginners is ready! You can use it as a photo prop as well . :)

This crochet baby blanket pattern was easy, wasn't it? :)

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