Pink Crochet Beads Necklace

Pink Crochet Beads Necklace is a crochet tread pattern. The level is intermediate, working with crochet tread and small size crochet hook is more difficult and can require some experience. The pattern includes a lot of pictures so you can check yourself.

The cuteness of this crochet necklace is in combination of crochet beads and flowers. The crochet flowers are puffy, not flat - so they look great among the beads.

You can attach the jewelry lock to the ends of the ribbon or leave them as ties.

The colors combinations are unlimited - from solid mono color to the burst of colors!

You will need:

Crochet tread #10 in Ivory and Pink

Crochet hook size 1.5mm to 2.0 mm

Satin ribbon 3/8 in (.8 cm) wide - 40 in (92 cm)

Optionally: 5 wooden beads 2 1/2 in (6.5 cm) in diameter or stuffing (can be cotton balls).

Needle with an eye big enough for the tread

The stitches and abbreviations used in this pattern: CH - chain, SC - single crochet stitch, DC - double crochet stitch, slip stitch, dec SC - decrease (crochet 2 SC together).

Make 5 beads: 3 in solid pink and 2 striped: pink with ivory

Make 8 flowers: 4 in ivory and 4 in pink. (Leave the tread approximately 7 in for each flower).

How to crochet the beads: I explained it in detailes in the Brown Beads Necklace - the beads for this necklace are similar:

How to crochet beads

(crochet tread pattern)

The pattern for the crochet flower is here:

Puffy Daisy Flower

(just use crochet tread instead of medium weight yarn recommended in that pattern and the appropriate crochet hook size)

How to assemble the beads - it's also explained here:

Brown Crochet Beads

(every bead should be surrounded with knots so it will not slip)

Add flowers between the beads: sew two flowers together around the edges (the ribbon is between those flowers).

Do not forget to make a knot after each flower as well as after the each bead: every flower and every bead has knots in the left and in the right. It helps them to stay in place and not slip along the ribbon.

The ready crochet necklace!

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