How To Make A Tutu

no sew tutu

How to make a tutu for your princess? Make it yourself with this tutu DIY (do it yourself)! No sew tutu is fast and easy, you can use as many colors as a rainbow!

All you need: tulle fabric and elastic band or ribbon.

Tulle is a 100% nylon mesh fabric that has many uses from weddings and party decorations to costumes, garments, gowns, hats, veils or gift wraps. Tulle can be lace, fine mesh, shimmer, sparkling, metallic or polka dot or even animal prints. Tulle usually comes in bolts 20 to 40 yards and 52-54 inches wide (132 - 137.5 cm).

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No sew tutu tutorial " How to make a tutu" allows you to use as many colors as you want, 2 or 3 or 4 or even more (or if you have scrapes of tulle - that's the great way to use them all). For my no sew tutu I used 2 colors - lavender and silver.


Take a piece of elastic ribbon (the length is the waist measurement you need or slightly (1-1 1/2 inches less). Sew or tie the ends together.


Prepare (cut) the tulle strips. You will need about 40 strips (less if you want the tutu less puffy). Each stripe should be about 8 inches wide (21 cm wide) and the length of each stripe should be twice as the desired length of the tutu. For example: for the tutu 14 '' (36 cm) long you will need the tulle stripes 28 - 28 1/2 '' (71-73 cm ) long.

Note: The standard width of tulle fabric is 52-54 inches (132 -  137.5 cm). So the maximum length of the no sew tutu is 27 inches (69 cm). If you want to make shorter tutu skirt - just cut off the rest of the tulle stripes (the length of the tulle stripe should be twice more (x 2) then the desired length of the tutu skirt).

I am using 2 colors - lavender and silver, so I cut 20 lavender and 20 silver tulle stripes. You can use as many colors as you want - for 4 colors tutu skirt you can cut 10 stripes of each color and so on.


Now the fun part starts. How to make a tutu? Tie the stripes to the elastic ribbon. (Alternate colors if you make the no sew tutu in more then one color - in my case it's lavender-silver-lavender-silver-lavender-silver e.t.c.) 

how to make a tutu
how to make a tutu
how to make a tutu
how to make a tutu
No sew tutu

This is the ready no sew tutu.

no sew tutu
how to make a no sew tutu

My daughters inspired me to make that tutu DIY tutorial!

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