How to Line a Bag

How to line a bag - a simple lining tutorial is here. It doesn't matter if the bag is knit or crochet - it should be lined. Lining is practical - it minimizes the stretch, wear and tear and the bag looks neat and finished. You can also add pockets to the keys, pens, cellphone e.t.c. and your bag will be more organized.

I am not very good at sewing. This is something I just can't get right so I try to minimize sewing in all my crochet projects. Here is my method for how to line a bag easy and fast.

I use simple plain tank tops for the bag lining - in this case there is no need to sew the sides and make the top seam, this is almost ready lining! You can find tank tops in any color in convenience shops and they are cheap and they are stretchy enough to adjust to almost any bag shape. The size of the tank top can be S, M or L - it depends on the size of your bag (because of the fabric' stretchiness the tank top's size is approximate).

Turn the tank top inside out, fold it flat and place the bag on it. Place the bottom of the tank top where you plan to attach the lining to the bag(the bottom of the tank top will be the top edge of your lining). Cut off the rest of the tank top following the shape of of the bag (make 1 inch (2.5 cm) allowance for the seam - this will be the only seam you need to sew!

Make a seam along the cut edge following the shape (1 inch or 2.5 cm from the edge) - this will be the bottom seam of the lining.

Insert the lining inside the bag (the bottom seam should be inside: between the bag and the lining) and pin it to the bag.(4 pins will be enough: "north-south-east-west"). Hand-stitch the lining to the bag (overstitch is recommended).

Note: if you want to add a pocket (pockets), crochet a rectangle in the desired size and hand-stitch it to the lining along the 3 sides of the rectangle (left side, right side and the bottom).

I used the same method ( how to line a bag) for my crochet brown bag - It works for almost any shape of the bag, because the tank top fabric is stretchy.

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