Home Decor Patterns

Decorate your home at little or no cost! Free crochet home decor patterns - easy and suitable for beginners. Make your home a warm and unique place with small crochet accents and cute handmade pieces where every little detail makes a big difference. The process of crocheting home decor and accessories is a fun itself . Here you can find free crochet patterns for beginners - potholders, coasters and more!

Crochet Gift Basket

Recommendation: Use 100% cotton yarn for kitchen accessories: cotton yarn is durable, flame resistant and machine washable.

monkey crochet potholders

Monkey Crochet Potholders Set

Monkey Crochet Potholder set was chosen by readers as Top 100 patterns for 2012!

flower crochet coasters

Flower Crochet Coasters

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