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This page is dedicated for hair accessories crochet patterns. I have unique and easy beginner crochet patterns for flower headbands, flower pins, ballet bun covers and more. I created them myself and I will continue to do so .

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Headbands are never out of fashion! Babies, kids, teens, girls, women - everyone should have one! (or more). Learn here how to make the crochet headband you'll love - great gift and hair accessory.

poppy headband

Poppy Flowers Headband (Crochet Tread Pattern)

crochet flower headband

Pink Flower Headband Crochet Pattern


Hot summer days, school, ballet or gymnastic practice, swimming - hair buns are appropriate anywhere!

flower bun cove

Flower Hair Bun Cover

Can be done in solid color or in 2 colors - you choose it! The tie around the bun helps to keep it on and add a cute little bow on the side.

crochet bun cover

Very Simple Classic Hair Bun Cover

(ideal for beginners, works up very fast, looks neat and gray in any color)


You will need a flower, a simple pin or barrette and hot glue gun. How to crochet a flower instructions and patterns you can find here:

Free Crochet Flower Patterns.

When your flower is ready, attach it to the pin or barrette using a hot glue gun:

crochet flower hairpi

The size of the pin (barrette) should be slightly smaller than the size of the flower.

Preparation: insert a piece of paper between the clips of the barrette and heat the glue gun.

Place 1-2-3 small drops (depends on the size of the pin) of hot glue along the top side of the barrette or pin.

Press the pin or the barrette to the flower immediately and wait 1-2 minutes until the glue is cold and set. Remove paper. Add more glue if needed.

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