Fringed Baby Blanket

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Fringed Baby Blanket is very easy to make even for beginners. Those two blankets are made using the same crochet baby blanket pattern - the difference is only in yarn! This blanket is ideal as a photo prop.

fringed baby blanket
fringed baby blanket

This is one of my favorite crochet patterns free!

Crochet hook used for both fringed baby blankets: Size P or 11.5 mm

Abbreviations and stitches used:

CH - chain

DC - double crochet

For the blue baby blanket i used the super-bulky weight yarn (Red Heart Light and Lofty in Blue Sand)

The gauge : 5 DC in 4 in (10 cm), 3 rows in 4 in (10 cm)

For the beige baby blanket i used medium weight yarn for the blanket (Red Heart Super Saver in Aran) and for the fringe - super bulky weight yarn (Red Heart Light and Lofty in Phaesant). The crochet hook size P (11.5 mm) is much bigger then recommended for the medium weight yarn - but this will create a very loose open weave texture and the combination of plain yarn with fuzzy super-bulky one for the fringe looks unusual.

The gauge: 7 DC in 4 in (10 cm) and 4 rows in 4 in (10 cm)

The approximate size of the finished blanket is 25 in by 25 in (63.5 cm by 63.5 cm) (not including the fringe) - so you can call it Baby Blanket Buddy photo prop. Feel free to adjust the size if you need to - just make the initial chain longer then stated in this crochet baby blanket pattern.

Note: Instructions for the blue fringed baby blanket are in red, for the beige one - in black.

CH 47 (CH 32 )

Row #1: DC in the 3rd from the hook stitch, DC in each stitch along the row.

Row #2: Turn, CH 2, DC in each stitch along the row.

Make 23 (17) more rows like the Row #2. It should be the square. If you prefer the rectangle shape, add 2-3-4 (2-3) rows like Row #2.

Now you need to make the fringe.


There are two ways to make a fringe for the crochet baby blanket (the difference in how to attach the fringe to the edge ).

Cut the yarn in pieces 16 in ( 41 cm) long for the beige blanket buddy or 11 in (28 cm) long for the blue fringed blanket.

To attach the relatively short fringe: insert the piece of yarn between the edge stitches of the blanket and tie both ends of the yarn in the knot two times. Repeat for each stitch (in the corner stitches insert 2-3 pieces of yarn instead of 1).

The longer fringe: take 2 pieces of yarn together for the fuller fringe, fold it in two, insert the loop between the edge stitches of the blanket, pull the ends through the loop.

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