Free Crochet Afghan Patterns

Check my free crochet afghan patterns and baby blanket patterns ! :) I tried to keep them easy, i included a lot of pictures so you can check on them to make sure you are doing it right. Afghans and baby blankets are great projects for beginners and intermediate level crocheters: you have a chance to learn and practice your stitches and your patience. :)

There are 3 major types of baby blankets depending on the size:

Baby Blanket Buddy Photo Prop.

The measurement is approximately 24 in by 24 in (61 cm by 61 cm). Blanket Buddy used as a photo prop for the newborn announcement pictures to place the baby on or as a drape.

Baby Blanket.

The measurement is approximately 28 in by 38 in (71 cm by 97 cm). This blanket used to cover a baby in the bad and in the stroller - just a regular blanket.

Baby Afghan.

The measurement is approximately 35 in by 45 in( 89 cm by 115 cm) and the baby afghan is used as a blanket as well as a throw.

As you see the difference is in the size of the blanket according to how are you going to use it. You can adjust any of my baby blanket's size depending on how are you planning to use it :)


Fringed Baby Blanket is very easy to make even for beginners. Those two blankets are made using the same crochet baby blanket pattern - the difference is only in yarn! This blanket is ideal as a photo prop.

(Baby Blanket)

The Duck Blanket crochet pattern features the scallop stitches. The green and blue colors imitates the waves of the water (the sea, the pond) - so you can add any water-related applique you want: the goldfish, the starfish, and the weeds, the ducks :) And you can make any size you need.

duck crochet baby blanke
duck crochet baby blanke
duck crochet afghan pattern


Ruffled Baby Blanket is a beginner crochet pattern. You will learn how to make a 2 layered ruffle. You can make this baby blanket in your favorite color combination or even in a solid color. Have fun! :)

striped baby blanke
ruffled baby blanke
baby blanke

More crochet patterns will be added soon - please keep checking :) I am working very hard on making this site the best crocheting site ever :)

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