Crochet Beads.

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Free crochet beads pattern is for a beginner-intermediate level. You can make as many beads as needed for your necklace, in any color and color combination to match any outfit. The necklace has ties but if you wish you can attach any jewelry lock. The necklace is lightweight (unlike wooden of stone beads of this size). It's even washable if needed :)

You will need: Cotton balls (or any other stuffing)

Yarn needle with an eye big enough for your yarn

crochet beads

Recommended yarn: medium weight or worsted weight (weight category #4). I used Red Heart Super Saver in Aran and Light Raspberry.

Recommended crochet hook: H 8 (5.00 mm) Note: Use smaller hook size then recommended for your yarn and crochet tight to minimize the space between the stitches of the beads.

Stitches and abbreviations used: CH - chain, SC - single crochet, slip stitch.


When crochet a bead, do not make a slip stitch at the end of each row and a chain stitch at the beginning of each row, work in spirals instead. you can attach a stitch marker to indicate the beginning of the row.

Count the stitches carefully in each row and all the beads will be the same size exactly. :)

crochet beads patter
crochet beads pattern

CH 3, join in a ring with a slip stitch.

Row #1: SC 6 in the ring. Total = 6 stitches.

Row #2: 2 SC in each stitch of the row. Total = 12 stitches.

Rows ## 3-4: SC in each stitch for 2 rows. Total number of stitches is 12 (unchanged)

crochet beads pattern
crochet beads patterns
crochet beads instructions
crochet beads

Row #5: Decrease every second stitch: [SC 2 stitches together as one], repeat [ ] 6 times. Total will be 6 stitches left.

Insert stuffing ( 1 large cotton ball or 2 medium size ones).

Decrease 2 more stitches to almost close the opening. Make a knot and hide the yarn inside the ready bead.

The crochet necklace is ready to assemble!


crochet beads instructions

Step 1: Make a chain approximately 11 in (28 cm) long. Tie knots at both ends. Cut off the yarn leaving about 9 in (23 cm) of the yarn for the needle.

Step 2: Pull the yarn with the needle through the bead (it will be a bit tricky because of the stuffing but doable).

Repeat Step 2 for 2 more beads.

Repeat Steps 1-2 for 2 remaining beads.
Tie the ends to join both parts of the crochet beads necklace (2 crochet beads + 3 crochet beads).

crochet beads pattern

Cut the ends between 2 and 3 beads :)

crochet beads

The crochet necklace is ready! :)

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