Bunny Hat

Every beginner can make this adorable Bunny hat - the crochet pattern is easy and simple! Ears stand up without additional support! You can make the hat in your favorite colors as well as in traditional white.

Sizes available:

Preemie, Newborn, 0-3 months, 3-6 months.

If you need bigger size - here is how you can adjust the size:

HOW TO CROCHET A HAT - any size, any style

You will need:

Yarn bulky (chunky) weight (#5) in white and baby pink (or 2 colors of your choice)

Crochet hook L 11/ 8.0 mm or M 13 / 9.00 mm or size needed to obtain the gauge

Gauge:  4 SC = 2’’, 5 rows = 2’’

Abbreviations and stitches used:

SC – single crochet, DC - double crochet, CH - chain, slip stitch.

You can use 2 strands of medium weight yarn (weight category #3 - such as DK or sport yarn) instead of chunky yarn. Just remember about the gauge!

The Bunny hat is a basic beanie with made separately and attached (sewn on) ears.

Start the beanie from the round bottom. The center is worked in continuous rounds. Do not join with a slip stitch at the end of each round, and do not turn at the beginning of each round. Use a stitch marker to indicate the beginning of the round, and move the marker up as work progresses.

NOTE:  if possible, use the head circumference of your baby/toddler. The given sizes are approximate because every kid is different. When you know the circumference, the diameter of the bottom of the hat will be the circumference divided by 3.14 – work in continuous rounds until you reach the needed diameter.

CH 3, join in the ring with a slip stitch.

Row #1: SC 6 in the ring, slip stitch

Row #2: 2SC in each SC all around the row.

Row #3: [SC, 2SC], repeat [  ] 6 times.

Preemie size: Make 1 more row: [SC 5, 2SC] repeat [  ] 3 times, skip Rows ##4-6 and go to Row #7

Row #4: [SC 2, 2SC], repeat [  ] 6 times. For the Newborn size skip Rows ##5-6 and go to Row #7

Row #5: [SC 3, 2SC], repeat [  ] 6 times. For the size 0-3 months skip Row # 6 and go to Row #7

Row #6: [SC 4, 2SC], repeat [  ] 6 times.

Row # 7: SC in each SC all around the row.

Preemie size: Make 4 more rows like Row # 7, fast off

Newborn size: Make 5 more rows like Row # 7, fast off

Size 0-3 months: Make 6 more rows like Row #7, fast off

Size 3-6 months: Make 7 or 8 more rows like Row # 7, fast off

If possible, try the beanie on to make sure the height at the forehead is enough.

The beanie is ready! If needed, you can find more pictures of the process here: Basic Beanie.


CH 10

DC in the 3rd stitch

Make DC stitches till the end of the row.

Attach white yarn as shown and CH 2

Make DC in each stitch along the side of the pink center.

At the top make 3 DC stitches as shown and continue along the other side of the pink center.

Make the second bunny ear (they are exactly the same)

Bunny ears are ready - cut off the yarn and tie the knots to secure the ends.

Bunny ears should stand up without additional support - that's why it is important to sew them to the bunny hat correctly.

Fold the ear as shown and attach the yarn. Sew through both sides to secure the fold.

Start sewing the ear from the front

Sew on the ear around as shown.

When you are at the front side again - tie  both ends of the yarn together tight. The ear should stand up.

Sew on the second ear and the Bunny Hat is ready!

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