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Hi! My name is Tatiana and I am a wife and a mom of 2 toddler girls and i LOVE to crochet - that's my passion and my favorite pastime.

I grew up in Soviet Union (USSR).

Crocheting, knitting and sewing were highly popular because with “Iron Curtains” and socialists-communist economy there were almost no consumer goods, I remember deficit of literally everything. Most of us were also poor, which means no money for clothes and barely enough for basic food. Women who wanted to have nice clothes had to make them themselves.

That's why we were very crafty (not by choice but by necessity) and all girls in public school grades 4 to 8 were taught how to sew, knit and cook J It wasn’t much fun because we HAD to complete that course to get a good grade J And it was the common point of view that if you have hand-made clothes – you are too poor to afford to buy them in the stores.

I learned to crochet from my grandma and in my intermediate school but I almost hated it because it had been indicating my low social status (my parents had very little money and we had no relatives who was permitted to go abroad and could bring me wonderful clothes I glimpsed in those free world magazines and on TV). But I was trying to copy them with my sewing machine and my crochet hook. J

Needless to say that when “Iron Curtain” fell and merchandise from all around the world flooded Russian stores, I HAPPILY forgot about all that craft J I threw it out from my home literally and from my mind mentally and yeah, I was happy I don’t need to do it anymore. J

15 years passed… I came to US… I got my accountant degree… I got my accounting job… I got married… When I learned I was pregnant with my first daughter, I was happy but…I also was nervous, I was scared , I was anxious – I don’t know why, I had absolutely no reason to… I guess it were my hormones to blame and i had some issues with high blood pressure and sugar levels … my ob/gyn recommended me crocheting or knitting to overcome my nervousness and anxiety (he was very reluctant to prescribe me any pills). I almost totally forgot the basic stitches and I had to go to YouTube videos to look all the basic up. J My first project was the crochet flat rose – at it looked more like the alien monster. LOL

I couldn’t believe I forgot it to that degree and I kept trying and trying and trying to remember how on earth is should be done.

And then it was like the floodgates opened… it all came back and I still can’t stop. It becomes my passion and my favorite pastime and hobby. I crochet while waiting for my doctor appointment, I crochet on the bus and on the train and on the plane, I crochet when I watch news and shows on TV (I even do not have to look at my work anymore, I can crochet with closed eyes and count the stitches automatically). People who does not know my name knows me like “that always crocheting lady”.

By the way, the crocheting still helping me tremendously … it calms me, sedates me (I am that nervous type who always worried and anxious) and my blood pressure is always norm! (it used to be elevated and I was on medications).

And I am constantly getting new ideas… And I have so many, I HAVE to share them to clear the space for the new ones.

When I started to crochet I got some patterns and I was struggling a lot with all that abbreviations, terms and other technical stuff… it was so difficult to read and understand and I had no idea if I was doing it right( that feeling might be familiar to you – when you read something and have no clue what that means and what you need to do – only strange text of symbols and abbreviations and no pictures…). I had to learn HOW to read the patterns before I understand what to do… and how I can make sure I did it correctly before it’s too late and I spent half of a day wrestling it only to start it over from the scraps? Why on earth should it be so complicated? I found that ridiculous and time consuming… I wanted to actually crochet and not struggling to understand what I need to do… I also discovered that I myself can explain the complicated process very simple and easy, I remember how much I was struggling in the beginning and I believe that the process should be fun and easy not the pain.

In my patterns I also do not use complicated or special stitches… I keep it simple. You will be surprised to know how far you can go using only slip stitch, chain, single and double crochet stitches! The key is combination of simple elements .

It like building the architectural masterpiece with intricate details using only simple plain bricks! I also include pictures of every step of the pattern so you can confirm that you are doing it all right and correct immediately if you need so.

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