Beginner Crochet Patterns: Easy And Free!

This site is dedicated to crocheting and beginner crochet patterns. I have a great selection of easy crochet patterns - I do not believe in complicated stuff. You do not need to spend your time translating those complicated abbreviations into a human language - you'd better spend this time on your project. :) I use only the basic crochet stitches in my free crochet patterns: chain, slip stitch, single crochet stitch and double crochet stitch (sometimes I use treble crochet stitch). You can do so many wonderful things using only those basic crochet stitches! This is more than enough for a successful project and nothing is more complicated than beginner / intermediate level.


How To Make a Tutu - quick and easy no sew tutu DIY instructions!

chicken beanie
chicken hat


Chicken Hat - Great for Easter, Halloween and just a cute beanie for both boys and girls!

crochet gift basket


Crochet Gift Basket - for Valentine Gifts and any other occasions!

bunny hats


Bunny Hat - great Easter project for a beginner/intermediate level!

crochet mittens

Crochet Mittens


crochet baby ha

Why my crochet patterns are easy? I included a lot of pictures of every step along with explanations in plain English, not just abbreviations - you should have no problems even if you are a total beginner trying out the intermediate stuff. :) Every step accompanied with a photo so you can always check what you are doing and if needed, correct yourself before it's too late. :)

Creating new crochet patterns is my passion and over the years i've created so many of them - i just need to share them :) I am posting my free crochet patterns for everything almost daily, and I am selling beginner crochet patterns as well: I have a successful ETSY shop for crochet patterns - you can find great deals and check my credentials and feedback there :)

Crochet Hat Patterns.

It is so easy to crochet a hat! Much easier than to knit one! I have tons of free crochet hat patterns, most of them are for beginners, with a lot of pictures of every step. :)

crochet beanie for beginne
crochet newsboy ca
crochet strawberry ha

And much more!

I add new free crochet patterns regularly. :) Subscribe to my site to receive updates on my just-off-the-hook beginner crochet patterns (Orange button at the top left corner of this page).

Can't find the pattern for the hat you are looking for? Create your own one! Here is the beginner crochet tutorial: how to crochet any hat, in any of these styles, in any size you want - you will need only one measurement, the head circumference. It's simple and easy. You can make any hat using this tutorial!

How To Crochet A Hat - Any Style - Any Size

how to crochet a ha
how to crochet a ha
how to crochet a hat
strawberry hat crochet instruction

Need some decorations ? :) I have fun and easy free crochet patterns for applique and flowers.

Use your creativity! Unleash your imagination and create your own masterpiece! Have a fun decorating different styles of crochet hats and baby blankets with crochet flowers and appliques . Make a flower headbands and hairpins! Make crochet jewelry and accessories! I have tons of free crochet applique patterns and free crochet flower patterns.

Crochet Flower Patterns.

Here is my prized and ever-growing collection of crochet flower patterns. I have so many of them, and I am constantly adding more and more. That's why I separated crochet flower patterns from other crochet applique patterns :) One-tier or flat crochet flowers, 3D or 3-dimencional crochet flowers - multilayered ones... Crochet flower patterns for baby headbands, for baby hats, for hair and clothes accessories, for brooches, for home decor - you can use them everywhere! :)

One layer crochet flower patterns:

daisy flowe
daisy flower croche
crochet flat starflower

Crochet Applique Patterns
Crochet applique is a great way to "beautify" any project and add a personal touch to it. Here you can find many crochet applique patterns for almost anything for every occasion: seasonal holidays, nature, ornaments. The new crochet patterns are being added constantly - keep checking this page! :)

crochet snowflake applique
crochet star applique
crochet butterfly instructions
duck crochet applique
spider web

Free Crochet Afghan Patterns.

crochet baby blanket

Too busy to crochet and need baby shower gift or baby photo prop for the baby announcement pictures ASAP? Check this ETSY shop, Babies Bugs and Bees for cute and unique crocheted baby hats - here are some of the bestsellers!

baby photo prop
crochet bunny hat
crochet giraffe beanie
crochet baby hat

Free Crochet BAGS AND PURSES Patterns

Beginner crochet patterns for bags, purses, clutches.

crochet bag
crochet bag
crochet purse

Free Crochet Jewelry Patterns:

crochet beads
crochet jewelry
crochet beads

Basic Crochet Stitches:

Here is some basic info about the crocheting: all you need to know about crochet basic stitches, description with pictures just in case you need to learn or review them.

Basic crochet stitches tutorials inclides topics:

  • How to make a crochet slip knot,
  • How to crochet a Chain,
  • How crochet a slip stitch,
  • How to make a single crochet stitch,
  • How to make a double crochet stitch.

You also need to know how to increase stitches and decrease stitches. That’s it and you wouldn’t believe how far you can go with only these few simple stitches! :) Some advanced and complicated stuff you will master later J

Crochet Yarn and Crochet Hooks.

Get your crochet supplies together!

If you’ve already mastered your basic stitches and eager to start to crochet - you need to prepare the right supplies for your project. You probably have these questions in mind: (I remember how puzzled was i when i came in the yarn store first time: there was so much stuff i got lost instantly).

1. How to choose the right thickness of the yarn - yarn weight and the crochet hook? There are 6 weight categories of yarn in USA:

  • Super Fine Weight Yarn (Weight Category #2)
  • Light Weight Yarn (Weight Category #3)
  • Medium Weight Yarn (Weight Category #4)
  • Bulky (Chunky) Weight Yarn (Weight Category #5)
  • Super Bulky Weight Yarn (Weight Category #6)

You can find a corresponding table of yarn weight, gauge and recommended crochet hook sizes here.

2. How to choose the right yarn content for your project? What are the pros and the contras for the acrylic, wool, cotton, bamboo and when to use them?

2. What is the gauge? How to use it? A simple and easy-to-make device will help you! I covered this topic here.

3. What is a stitch marker and how and when to use it?

And finally - on page I Recommend I shared my favorite online yarn and crochet supplies stores with reviews.

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